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Women’s Health Services


Gynecological Treatments

We encourage every woman to get an annual well-woman exam. Most insurances will completely cover this treatment. This exam will include a pelvic exam, breast exam and a Pap test administered according to the latest ACOG guidelines. This is also a time to talk to our San Antonio GYN about any women’s health concerns or issues. No question should go unanswered.

Surgeries and Procedures

Before recommending surgery, Dr. Cardenas will discuss alternative treatment options with you. He’ll review all the choices available and work with you to select the procedure that works best for your condition and lifestyle. The state-of-the-art equipment he utilizes ensures you’ll receive the best care available.

Incontinence treatment

Incontinence is a common and frustrating issue for many women, especially those who have experienced vaginal childbirth. Our San Antonio GYN believes that no woman should have to suffer from this issue, so he offers comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and educational tools to help.

Diagnostic Testing

Both gynecological and total-body issues can often be addressed after simple testing. We utilize both blood and nutritional tests to diagnose deficiencies and other ailments from the typical to the complex. You know your body best, so we strongly encourage you to make an appointment to address any women’s health issues you may be experiencing.

Women’s Health and Nutritional Support

A balanced diet is the key to feeling strong, healthy and energized. Our San Antonio GYN is well-versed in helping women identify and remedy a wealth of nutritional issues. He even offers his own line of vitamins, Dr. C Vitamins, that can help improve women’s health and vitality.

Weight Loss Support

Excessive weight can be a health and confidence issue. Thankfully, Dr. Cardenas has experience helping women lose weight through diet, exercise and supportive care. He’ll work with you to determine what’s causing your weight gain and help you discover ways to shed the pounds.

Sexual Dysfunction and Low Libido

Throughout life, women can experience changes in sexual function and desire. For example, during menopause, many patients can face issues like low libido and vaginal dryness. Treatments like hormone replacement therapy can help improve these symptoms and quality of life.

Contact us to learn more about how our San Antonio GYN can help with women’s health.


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