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Sexual Health Specialist

Carlos Cardenas, MD

Gynecologist & Hormone Replacement Therapy Specialist located in San Antonio, TX

About 43% of women and 31% of men experience sexual dysfunction. Whether it’s a problem becoming aroused, pain during intercourse, or some other issue, you can improve your sexual health and feel more confident with individualized treatment. Experienced integrative physician Carlos Cardenas, MD, offers various male and female sexual health solutions in his San Antonio, Texas, office. Reach out by phone or schedule a consultation online.

Sexual Health Q&A

When do I need to seek sexual health support?

Sexual health is just as important as other aspects of wellness, but unfortunately, it's often minimized or ignored. 

Dr. Cardenas recognizes how severely sexual dysfunction can affect your life and relationship. He encourages you to reach out for support if your sexual health issues are affecting you physically or emotionally. 

Don't wait to seek help until the problem drags you down into depression or despair. You can treat sexual dysfunction and maximize your sexual health with help from Dr. Cardenas. 

What are the most common sexual health problems?

If a sexual health issue troubles you, that problem deserves attention. The issues are different for women and men.

Sexual dysfunction in women 

Some of the most common sexual dysfunction problems in women include lack of libido, inability to grow aroused, inability to orgasm, and pain during intercourse. These problems can occur at any time but can be most common after childbirth and during menopause. 

Sexual dysfunction in men

Among men, erectile dysfunction — an inability to get or keep an erection for long enough to have intercourse satisfactorily — is the most common sexual health problem. Currently, it affects around 30 million men. 

Men can also experience premature, inhibited, or retrograde ejaculation. Like women, men can experience reduced libido, particularly as they age.

Dr. Cardenas understands that talking about sexual problems can be difficult, which is why he goes out of his way to create a comfortable environment. He's a highly experienced professional with a 40-year history of treating all kinds of sexual dysfunction. If you trust him, he can help.

How are sexual health problems treated?

Treatment depends upon your specific diagnosis and what kind of symptoms you’re dealing with. 

Treatments for women

For women, sexual dysfunction treatments focus on addressing the root cause of your symptoms. In many cases, women who seek treatment are in early menopause, when hormone levels plummet. 

Dr. Cardenas can administer bioidentical hormone therapy to rebalance your hormones and treat your symptoms very effectively. 

In many cases, women have some amount of pelvic floor prolapse, in which pelvic organs descend into the vagina. Up to half of all women experience this issue after having a baby. Pelvic floor therapy,  which includes special muscle training exercises, can help. 

Dr. Cardenas may recommend lifestyle modifications, medication, psychotherapy, and other adjunctive therapies, as well. 

Treatments for men

For men, Dr. Cardenas may recommend bioidentical hormone replacement for testosterone deficiency. Hormone replacement with BioTE® can regulate your hormone levels to ease many frustrating symptoms, from poor libido to mood swings. 

Other treatment options for men include oral medication, penile injection therapy, psychotherapy, and, if necessary, penile implants. 

Learn more about how Carlos Cardenas, MD, can help with your sexual health issues by calling the office or scheduling an appointment online.