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Weight Loss Specialist

Carlos Cardenas, MD

Gynecologist & Hormone Replacement Therapy Specialist located in San Antonio, TX

More than 42% of Americans are obese, and many more are overweight. If you’re struggling with a weight problem and can’t seem to make any progress, experienced integrative physician Carlos Cardenas, MD, is here to help. In his San Antonio, Texas, office, Dr. Cardenas offers a medical weight loss program that enables you to get the results you want. Learn more by calling the office or schedule a consultation online today.

Weight Loss Q&A

What is the process for starting a weight loss program?

Dr. Cardenas creates customized medical weight loss programs through individualized testing. He starts with bloodwork to check for underlying issues that could be inhibiting weight loss, such as type 2 diabetes or thyroid conditions. 

One of the blood tests is a micronutrient test, in which Dr. Cardenas looks for vitamin and mineral deficiencies. This test measures antioxidant and amino acid efficacy.

Using all of this information, Dr. Cardenas can determine whether you need treatment for an underlying condition, whether you need nutritional supplements, and whether you would benefit from weight loss medications.

What is the weight loss diet plan?

Dr. Cardenas prescribes a ketogenic diet for rapid but safe weight loss. This diet is primarily low carbohydrate. It includes:


The diet plan features 75% protein from meat, eggs, nuts, and seeds. 

Veggies and oils

20% of your ketogenic diet food intake is vegetables and fats.


Fruits, including berries, make up the remaining 5% of your ketogenic diet plan. 

Dr. Cardenas has extensive experience with the ketogenic diet. He determined that the ketogenic diet offers the fastest and most reliable weight loss throughout his many years of practice. Also, the ketogenic diet provides many other whole-body benefits.

What are the benefits of the ketogenic diet for weight loss?

Studies prove that the ketogenic diet can fight internal inflammation, minimize unhealthy food cravings, improve your mental clarity, boost your energy, and help you to burn fat faster. 

Supplementing the ketogenic diet with regular exercise and nutritional supplements can yield even better results. Dr. Cardenas created his own pharmaceutical-grade supplements, which maintain the highest purity and potency levels. His supplements have zero binders, fillers, dyes, or undefined additives. 

Will I need weight loss medication?

If you've struggled to lose weight in the past and you're significantly overweight, Dr. Cardenas may prescribe medication to help you meet your weight loss goals. Drugs like Qsymia®, Contrave®, and Saxenda® can suppress your appetite, control your cravings, or both. 

By losing weight, you can look better, feel better, and even reduce your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and other serious illnesses. Call Carlos Cardenas, MD, or schedule an appointment online to start your weight loss.